Synergy Resources Group clients benefit from working with a company that has broad expertise to provide a wide range of services. 
Not sure exactly what you or your business needs to take the next step? We can help you define it. Just take a look at some of the areas we work in:
Association & Nonprofit Management
With decades of nonprofit experience, we can assist with board development, volunteer retention, succession planning, and building up a profitable base to make your mission a reality.


  • Board governance training

  • Board assessment and development

  • Fiscal policies and procedures

  • Government affairs strategies

  • Program development

  • Succession planning

  • Volunteer/member recruitment/retention

Meeting and Group Facilitation
We can provide a guiding hand and moderating voice for leading management teams to annual shareholders' meetings to community stakeholder projects to navigating merger negotiations.


  • Focus groups

  • Community engagement

  • Conflict resolution

  • Stakeholder Groups

  • Moderation for small to large groups

  • Half day to multi-day sessions

Leadership Coaching
Does your organization want to operate at peak performance?  Need assistance in setting priorities or meeting your organization goals?  We'll listen and strategize with you through one on one coaching. 


  • Strengthen self-confidence and well-being

  • Address conflict/learn conflict management skills

  • Develop more effective leadership

  • Improve interpersonal/communication skills

  • Priority setting and time management

  • Career development and planning

  • Recognize and implement effective staff development

  • Succession planning

Growth means change. From assessing your organization's current posstion to reaching the next level, we can help you put together an actionable plan to find the right path forward.


  • Organizational assessment: analyzing all aspects of the organizations

  • Identify gaps and areas for improvement

  • Comprehensive report with recommendations

  • Identify strengths and opportunities for improvement

  • Actionable plan including timelines and tactics

Organizational Analysis & Transformation
Fiscal Management
We can help you thoroughly analyze your financial position—from developing realistic budgets to identifying cost-cutting measures to developing debt reduction plans.


  • Rate/Service model studies

  • Financial crisis response planning

  • Effective fiscal policies and procedures

  • Establish internal controls

  • Cost-cutting and debt reduction management

  • Restructure balance sheet to prepare for financing

Strategic Planning
Every organization needs a road map. We can develop an actionable strategic plan that's as simple or comprehensive as you need to help your organization move forward.


  • Strategic Business Plans

  • Optimization of organizational strengths

  • Strategy development for new market penetration

  • Development of plans to overcome threats and weaknesses

  • Leveraging team efforts and communication to optimize operations

Government Affairs
From grassroots campaigns to public policy development, we're experts in advocacy strategy and constituency engagement. We know how to navigate road blocks—especially in transportation.


  • Freight and transportation consulting

  • Community engagement

  • Comprehensive communications plan for impact

  • Grassroots campaigns

  • Building overall advocacy strategy

  • Provision of tools for constituency engagement

Operational Strategies
Our background in a wide variety of business and nonprofit organizations allows us to help you enhance your operational functions and improve efficiencies across the board.



  • Analysis and reworking of internal procedures and processes

  • Analysis of organizational structure and its holistic relationship to individual components

  • Enhancement of operation functions and improvement of efficiencies

  • Creation of Operations Manuals

​Management & Personnel Strategies
Need help with policies, procedures, or training? Employee training, retention, and mentoring? Creating high-performance teams that click? We do it all.


  • Change management planning and execution

  • Strategic management coaching for growth

  • Transformation of management strategies for positive results

  • Employee retention and mentoring programs

  • Employee policies, procedures, and manuals

  • Hogan Assessment available to identify strengths and weakness in individuals and teams.

Internal / External Engagement and Community Outreach
Connecting with your internal and external audiences as well as reaching out to engage the community is critical when developing future plans.


  • Community events/meetings

  • Focus Groups/Listening Sessions

  • Surveys

  • Translation Services

  • 1:1 interviews 

  • Comprehensive Insight Report

Whatever your business needs, Synergy Resources Group is ready to help you take your organization to the next level.
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