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Refining Your Management Style

How we spent our time last year

Many of you read the last blog post, where I shared that Synergy had surpassed its 2015 goals. Since many expressed interest in knowing more about the type of work we performed last year, I thought I would share a snapshot of the services we performed for public, private and nonprofit organizations. The primary areas where I spent my time in 2015 include: • Market research studies

• Business plans for small and medium size organizations

• Marketing plans

• Business development strategies

• Management and personnel strategies

• CEO coaching

• Business coaching

• Fiscal management

• Market research and analysis

• Succession planning

• Transportation counsel The individuals I worked with are responsible for turning a profit, managing and motivating employees, turning on the lights every morning, as well as producing the work. Many of the organizations were looking to transition into new business areas, either by design or due to market changes, or are in the process of passing the business baton off to the next generation. In each instance, clients were looking to refresh their business outlook and kick start something new and exciting. I've enjoyed working with a variety of different organizations and meeting a range of individuals with varying degrees of responsibilities, as well as many representing different cultures. I plan to continue this trend in 2016 and beyond.

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