We're gratified to be able to help clients from both the nonprofit and business arenas take their organization to the next level. Here's a few examples of what we've accomplished together.
Association &
Nonprofit Management

With decades of nonprofit experience, we've assisted with board development, governance policies, succession planning, and building capacity to make missions a reality.

Developed and executed marketing strategies that resulted in 25% fewer losses in trade association members than other comparable nationwide organizations—despite the economic downturn.

​A business owner couldn't decide whether to continue with her business or pursue employment. SRG helped her work through the decision-making process where she successfully sold her business and accepted a new position her field of expertise.

Leadership Coaching

We've coached business leaders and entire teams by working directly with stakeholders to provide actionable feedback to meet goals, leveraging our Hogan Assessment certification.

Fiscal Management

​We've helped thoroughly analyze financial positions of various organizations, from budgeting to developing debt reduction plans to establishing financial policies & procedures and internal controls.

​Prepared and compiled necessary documents required for several businesses to obtain loan approvals—resulting in achieving expansion plans.

​Developed comprehensive policy and procedure manuals and employee handbooks for several businesses—including a veterinary practice, transportation-related companies, and many others.

Management & Personnel Strategies

We've helped create and manage policies and procedures; employee training, retention, and mentoring; and creating high-performance teams that click.

Marketing & Business Development

We've helped direct businesses down a successful path by creating engaging development and marketing plans, as well as by performing market research to help with rebranding and improving market position.

​Coordinated marketing department for nonprofit organization while director was on maternity leave—resulting in meeting media and promotional material schedule, as well as the training of a new marketing assistant.

Compared five counties, as well as private sector entities, with Multnomah County's allocation plan and made recommendations for changes or alterations based on findings.

Government Affairs

From grassroots campaigns to public policy development, we're experts in advocacy strategy and constituency engagement. We know how to navigate road blocks—especially in transportation.

Meeting Facilitation

We can provide a guiding hand and moderating voice for leading management teams to annual shareholders' meetings to community stakeholder projects to navigating merger negotiations.

​Facilitated annual board meetings for several nonprofits where the executive director anticipated a contentious meeting due to controversial agenda items—resulting in independent, nonpartisan meetings with positive results.

​Served on a number of national and local policy committees representing many disparate client coalitions and task forces, working with stakeholder groups to resolve issues, explore innovative solutions, and organize compelling strategies to promote solutions.

Wrote the official manual for the MWESB program, focusing efforts on minority-owned, women-owned, and emerging small businesses and expanding the diversity of government contractors.

Organizational Analysis & Transformation

Growth means change. From assessing your organization's current position to reaching the next level, we can help you put together an actionable plan to find the right path forward.

Strategic Planning

Every organization needs a road map. We can develop an actionable strategic plan that's as simple or comprehensive as you need to help your organization move forward.

​Led strategic planning session for national organization's executives defining a five-year plan to establish a spinoff organization—resulting in the creation of a robust plan.

Whatever your business needs, Synergy Resources Group is ready to help you take your organization to the next level. Learn more or get in touch today.