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Every organization is unique and comes with aspirations, challenges and successes. Synergy Resources Group helps you find solutions to work through critical issues and develop proactive strategies to solve simple and complex challenges. What does your organization need? A short or long term roadmap? Help planning and executing a complex initiative or implementing change? Are there organizational anchors impeding your progress? Do you need an independent assessment of your organization?


When you work with Synergy Resources Group, we explore the various pathways to success, applying new approaches and amplifying existing methods to move you to the next level and achieve your goals. We have the right expertise when you need it.


You benefit from working with an organization that has the expertise to provide a wide range of services, coupled with the flexibility to choose only those services that you truly need.

Whether this is the first time you’ve contacted a consultant or regularly have a consultant on your team, Synergy Resources Group works with every client to develop the scope of work that meets their needs. Our team of professionals has the expertise to provide a wide range of services including:
  • Organizational Assessment & Development
  • Strategic Planning / Transition Planning
  • Internal and External Engagement
  • Community and Public Engagement
  • Leadership Development and Executive Coaching
  • Group Facilitation
  • Board Governance
  • Business Growth Plan
  • ​Management & Personnel Strategies
  • Operational / Process Improvement Strategies
  • Fiscal Management
  • Government Affairs





Debra Dunn, president and founder of Synergy Resources Group (SRG) leads a multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in organizational development with a focus on organizational assessments; strategic planning; business growth planning; system/process improvement and leadership development/executive coaching for businesses (under 1000 employees), nonprofit organizations and government entities experiencing change, challenges or transformation.


Debra is trained in change management; a certified facilitator and certified in Hogan Assessment Systems (a nationally recognized leadership development tool designed to identify; grow and support leaders), as well as the Myers Briggs evaluation tool. Her education is in business, accounting and marketing.  She has participated in many Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) trainings and incorporates EDI into the fabric of  every client projects.  She has also held executive level positions in for-profit businesses, nonprofit organizations, and consultation services over the last 30 years. 


Synergy Resources Group a State Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) founded on the vision that collaboration among distinct talents is the best way to move people and organizations forward. 

We start with an initial evaluation of your organization and the issues you'd like to cover, and then work alongside you to turn analysis into action. We help you develop decision-driven tactics, create new or improve existing systems and procedures, and define ongoing strategies that will generate tangible results.

Synergy Resources Group tailors our services and offerings to fit your organization and goals. We work with you to find the solutions necessary to move forward.

Debra Dunn, President and founder, specializes in working with businesses, nonprofit organizations and public agencies that are facing change, challenges and transformation. 

For over 25 years, Debra has had a proven track record of helping organizations and individuals meet and exceed their goals. Her strategic and collaborative approach has helped others navigate around roadblocks and find their extra momentum.

Synergy Resources Group projects range from helping businesses develop new markets to coaching small businesses to assisting nonprofits achieve mission impact. We’ll uncover and enhance your strengths—while helping you to fill the gaps. 


Our vision is founded on being a part of a something bigger than ourselves.




Synergy Resources Group is committed to achieving the results or clients expect.  We’ve shared some of our success stories from working with clients many different industries—along with client feedback on their experience with us.   


Through collaborating with our clients, we've accomplished a lot together:

  • We developed employee retention programs for several service businesses—resulting in clear measurable successes, with one company experiencing 50% less turnover in just two years.

  • We created and implemented a marketing and fundraising plan for a nonprofit trade organization—growing revenue by 30% each year.

  • We developed a financial crisis response plan for a business with high debt, declining sales, and a low-performing sales team—resulting in avoidance of bankruptcy, negotiations with creditors for payment plans, and a reorganization plan to increase future performance.

And from those results, we've heard from satisfied clients:

  • "Synergy Resources Group performed a complete analysis of our business from top to bottom. The plan they helped us put together has reduced debt we incurred to keep the business going during the 'great recession.' They also provided the professional support we needed to move forward."

  • "With Debra and Synergy's patience and supportive leadership, I have been able to narrow down a business plan that is keeping me moving forward with thoughtful and assertive actions needed during my transition into consulting services. I had experienced being 'stuck and frozen' and the services they've provided has gently and powerfully encouraged me to move on and follow the solid plans we've developed for the next three years."





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