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Helping you and your organization move forward.

Welcome to


We Generate Change, Growth and Transformation!

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Welcome to


We Generate Change, Growth and Transformation!


Synergy Resources Group is a multi-disciplinary firm that specializes in organizational development and offers a wide array of services tailored to address the issues, challenges, or opportunities facing your organization. Our clients are non-profit organizations, businesses and public agencies.

Our Services
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Organizational Development

We work with clients to align their organization’s structure, culture and staff toward a future of continuous improvement, increased communication, employee development and service enhancement.

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Stakeholder Engagement

Strategic and effective growth requires involvement from the people who may be affected by decisions that lead to change. SRG ensures all voices and perspectives are heard and barriers to their involvement are eliminated.


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Planning for the Future

Whether you’re navigating a "forest trail" or the future of your organization, you need a plan that sets the direction, and helps sharpen your focus by developing the targets needed to coordinate efforts to fulfill your mission.


When navigating change, internal reflection, transition or hearing from constituents, having an experienced independent facilitator can help to make conversation more productive, focused and meaningful.

Leadership Development

Executive coaching tailored to the client’s professional goals that maximizes their potential while tackling interpersonal and external challenges.  Training available through SRG’s Pathway to Leadership Excellence©

Specialty Services

In addition to SRG’s five core services, we offer several specialty services along with the ability to shape a unique scope that utilizes SRG resources to set you up for success!



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Synergy Resources Group specializes in working with clients to reimagine their organization’s potential, collaborating together to chart a path forward that is guided by strategies to generate change, growth and transformation.   

Core Values
Equity, Collaboration, Excellence, Community  

SRG applies these Core Values to all our client services by:
  • Placing collaboration and inclusion at the heart of our approach to consulting.     
  • Maximizing our client’s strengths in developing their path to the next chapter.
  • Using intentional communication strategies to effect organizational change.
  • Meeting our clients where they are, tailoring our approach to fit their specific team, culture and goals.
About Us
Our Approach


Getting Started
Every organization is a unique entity with its own aspirations, challenges, and achievements. SRG collaborates with each client to identify and articulate “the why” of your need for consulting services, working together to explore a variety of approaches and to create a plan tailored to achieve your organization’s goals.  Through an initial meeting, we plot the best course of action, define the deliverables for your project, and establish methods for tracking progress.  We also draw on SRG’s extensive team of professionals and specialists to address any unique aspects of the project.

Collaboration, as the firm’s name implies, is fundamental to the way SRG approaches all client services.  It is at the heart of three of SRG’s core functions:
  • Expert facilitation for groups of all sizes, both in person and virtually.
  • Clearly articulated communication plans that ensure everyone who is impacted by the work is included in the process.
  • Change management strategies are employed at the start of a project to support any degree of organizational change associated with the work.
SRG has found that robust collaboration and clear communication consistently ensure the most successful outcomes for our clients.
Getting to Know Your Organization and Business
Once we have agreed upon the most effective process, the SRG team reviews and analyzes your organization – both its culture, as well as any critical internal documents that govern, guide, and impact your operations.  The level of review is determined by the scope of work we define together.  

Gathering individual perspectives and opinions is a fundamental aspect of every project.  Whether it’s an organizational assessment, strategic plan, executive coaching, or process improvement, the engagement work allows us to both gather valuable perspectives to inform your project, and also cultivate ownership and buy-in from your stakeholders.  We use several tools to gather qualitative and quantitative data: focus groups, one-on-one interviews, surveys, and more.  The information we capture is an integral part in determining how you choose to move forward into a more successful and sustainable future.

The Result
By the end of our work together, you will have the concrete deliverable associated with the project, as well as a deeper understanding of your organization, your team, and the broader impact of your work.
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Giving Everyone a Voice
Inclusive Engagement Moves Us Forward
SRG is committed to recognizing systems of oppression and finding methods to address them in both our work and our community.  Equity and inclusion are core values that drive our collaboration with clients.  We are dedicated to bringing an equity lens to every aspect of our projects, supporting our clients in cultivating accessible and inclusive processes and practices. 
We also recognize that achieving the vision of an equitable society requires work from us all. At SRG, we remain engaged with our own life-long journeys of listening and learning, incorporating DEI into the fabric of our work while supporting a more inclusive society.

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Let's refine and prioritize your goals to chart a path forward! Get in touch to get started:

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