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We work with clients to align their organization’s structure, culture and staff towards a future of continuous improvement, increased communication, employee development and service enhancement. SRG offers:

  • Organizational assessment:  We offer an examination of your organization’s structure, culture, processes, staff functions and work environment.  Our analysis and recommendations identify the strengths, as well as challenges and gaps and serves as a basis for a number of organizational change initiatives.  For example, organizational diversity, operational performance and leadership effectiveness.


  • Operations / Process improvement:  We offer expertise in process assessment with a focus on improving efficiencies and service delivery.  We map and analyze current process flows and function descriptions and provide recommendations to meet the organization’s needs. We provide clients with implementation maps and guidance to ensure success.

  • Fiscal management: Ensuring your organization is adhering to financial policies by performing a thorough financial analysis; validating methodologies; and benchmarking with peer agencies and the local, regional or national markets.  We provide recommendations that can result in rate studies; benchmarking studies and policy development.

  • Change Management: We utilize different change models depending on the change initiative. We develop change management plans to track complex change, including communication strategies, risk assessment and mitigation along with implementation planning.


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