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Oregon Humane Society, Brian August, COO

Debra and her team are an amazing and talented group of people.  We engaged Synergy Resources to facilitate a strategic planning retreat for the Oregon Humane Society Board of Directors.  When the pandemic made an in-person session impossible, Debra was able to guide the board to continue with a series of virtual sessions that helped align the organization around Vision, Mission and Strategic Objectives.  Her ability to respond to challenging external circumstances and ensure we continued moving this critical work forward speaks volumes to Synergy’s relentless focus on creating great outcomes for their clients.



Whether you’re navigating a "forest trail" or the future of your organization, you need a plan that sets the direction, and helps sharpen your focus by developing the goals and targets that are needed to coordinate everyone’s efforts to fulfill your mission.

SRG facilitates:

  • Strategic planning: Working with organizations to develop their mission, vision and values and then guiding the steps to develop their goals and strategies including an actionable plan.  SRG includes an organizational review, an equity assessment as well as engagement of the client’s internal and external stakeholders.  SRG has an extensive ‘tool kit’ of facilitation strategies to ensure client’s needs are fulfilled.

  • Transition planning: Collaborating with the client to pave the way for an effective transition can be applied to many circumstances, from a leadership transition to transferring a community program, to a new home with sustainable funding. 

  • Scenario planning: Working with clients to develop a ‘story’ with many possible endings, using a set of assumptions about potential risks, realities, impacts and their outcomes. This framework also helps leaders make critical decisions as well as respond quickly and decisively to changing conditions.

  • Business growth planning: Working with your team to develop short- and long-term goals to increase the business’ bottom line.  Strategies may include developing management teams, analyzing financial performance to set revenue goals, and exploring new markets or regional expansion.  


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