Synergy Resources Group was founded on the vision of being a part of a larger community. We've involved in giving back at the local level to make greater Portland a better place.
Empowering Latina Women & Families
Synergy Resources Group President & Founder Debra Dunn serves on the Adelante Mujeres Board of Directors, a local nonprofit organization that serves to empower low-income Latina women and families. "Adelante Mujeres" means "women rise up" in Spanish.
Supporting Local Small Theater
We're sponsoring a Coho Theater production of playwright Lauren Gunderson's all-female power-play The Taming. Annually, we seek opportunities to support women in their career and passion pursuits. 
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Coordinating Transportation Coalitions
We're part of the Trimet Regional Task Force, helping to shape a bonding measure to pay for a multibillion dollar package of transportation projects, including a 12-mile light rail line between Portland and Bridgeport to create affordable housing.
Helping Women & Girls Thrive Across Oregon
Debra Dunn is a founding member of the Women's Foundation of Oregon, serving to focus the power of women’s collective resources to improve the lives of women and girls throughout Oregon, and also contributed to its groundbreaking Count Her In study.
Supporting Small Business
We're a member of the Portland Business Alliance, the leading voice of business in the region, and serve on the Small Business Coalition to ensure that the needs of small businesses are heard, fostered, and given every opportunity to prosper.
Enriching Nonprofit Organizations
As a member and Approved Service Provider of the Nonprofit Association of Oregon, we're helping to improve capacity of the nonprofits that serve the people of Oregon and ensure that they collectively have the support their need to do their best work.
Advising Freight Transportation Strategy
Based on our thorough experience in the freight transportation industry, we serve on the Portland Freight Committee, advising the City Council and the Bureau of Transportation about how to best get our region's goods to where they need to go safely and efficiently. 
Mentoring Women in Business
In 2015 the Portland Business Journal selected Debra Dunn for the Women of Influence Award, after which Dunn and other award winners formed PDX Women’s Business Coalition. Among its many networking activities is annually hosting 'Mentoring Monday.'
Working with Minority Entrepreneurs
We're members of the Oregon Association of Minority Entrepreneurs, working with minority and women businesses and helping to support our work with the City of Portland’s Prime Contractor Development Program and the Port of Portland’s Mentor Protégé program.
Fostering Economic Health on the West Side
As members of the Westside Economic Alliance, where we serve on the Transportation Committee, we advocate for a healthy economic environment on Portland's west side and ensure that transportation -- among other key issues -- gets funded and supported.
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