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Current research tells us that the role of an executive or manager today and into the foreseeable future will be one of managing change and navigating greater complexity.  Debra Dunn is certified in Hogan Assessments, a nationally recognized leadership development tool designed to identify; grow and strengthen leaders.  She provides practical direction, coaching and support to leaders to increase their effectiveness in managing their teams and the organization as well as effectively responding to their customers and constituencies. 


She works one on one with individuals to maximize their potential and to support their professional development goals.  Debra’s coaching clients range from executives in the C-suite to coaching mangers new to their role or individuals wanting to maximize their potential for future advancement.

Pathway to Leadership Excellence: The Pathway is a series of five classes that enhance the skills and competencies needed to respond to today’s opportunities and challenges. Participants will learn to lead with vision, motivate and empower with passion, communicate effectively, expand their capacity to think strategically, and delegate with clarity to individuals and teams. Participants will enhance their leadership abilities and create a long-term vision for their success, doing so in a way that builds resilience in you, your team and your organization. Read here for more information on the Fall 2021 inaugural cohort, or learn how to bring the program to your organization

Performance Management: We work with clients to develop an effective performance management process that aligns employees with the organization’s mission and objectives resulting in a mutual understanding of how their jobs contribute to the organizations.  In collaboration with management and employees, we develop strategies to identify, encourage, measure, evaluate, improve and reward employee performance at work.  Tools can include establishing performance expectations and evaluations, key performance indicators, value of regular check ins, personal development plans, reward and recognition strategies, and more.


Executive and Manager Development:  Executive coaching is tailored to the specific goals and needs of the individual, team assessment and development to tackle both interpersonal and external challenges, and training to develop the skills to build trust with direct reports and foster a stronger team.  It’s recommended that each client take the Hogan Assessment which provides the information necessary to develop coaching recommendations.  However, if the client has recently taken a personality test through another product (e.g. DISC, Core Value Index, Personalysis) that is based on the four main personality profiles, Debra has experience with these and can interpret and utilize these client testing reports in place of Hogan.


Board Development:  We conduct comprehensive board assessments, board development plans, and lead workshops and conversations focused on developing best practices for governance policies, procedures and general board service.  

Team Development We develop teams using proven strategies including a team assessment, establishing team norms or team charters as well as establishing a framework for team accountability, making decisions and resolving conflict.    

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