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We're Sponsoring Another Female-Centric Play Production: THE TAMING

Continuing Synergy Resources Group's tradition of providing for a cause that supports women in their careers and/or their passion pursuits, we're sponsoring the CoHo Theater production of a new play THE TAMING.

THE TAMING is self-described as a "hilarious, farcical, all-female power-play" in which "beauty queen Katherine needs to revolutionize the American government with the help of one ultra-conservative senator’s aide, and one bleeding-heart liberal blogger who will do anything for her cause." It's a quite timely "semi-historically-accurate ether trip."

This play is written by Lauren M. Gunderson, the most produced playwright in America last year -- an incredible feat -- and is co-produced by a team of incredible women: Mariel Sierra, McKenna Twedt, Lauren Bloom Hanover, and Katie Watkins.

As always, Synergy Resources Group is happy to sponsor productions that deal with stories about the specific challenges that women face, and particularly those that are thought-provoking.

"I'm thrilled to be able to support a community of creative women on a project so timely," said Debra Dunn. "I'm looking forward to opening night and seeing what conversations the play will ignite."

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