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This is why I'm a founding member of the Women's Foundation of Oregon.

The nonprofit organization has produced the first comprehensive report on Oregon's women and girls in 20 years, Count Her In, the most expansive, actionable, and inclusive analysis of Oregon’s women and girls to date.

This report is a baseline and a call to action, a celebration of resilience, and an opportunity to do things differently for future Oregonians. Count Her In is an irrefutable imperative for change.

I invite you to watch the overview video, share the report's most startling findings on social media, and of course download the report itself. I think Governor Brown said it best: "Count Her In is our call to action as Oregonians, regardless of gender, race, zip code, or political party, to work together on solutions that will benefit women and girls and make Oregon a home where each person can thrive."


Make Sure You're Registered to VOTE in November

The Presidential election, in which we'll elect a new president for the first time in eight years, is a little over one month away. Are you registered to vote? Have you updated your current address and contact information? Now's a perfect time to ensure that you're all set for November.

Your vote counts just as much as everyone else's. Make sure you're registered and ready to participate in our democracy.


3 Technologies for Streamlining Customer Communications

Ask the typical small business owner which methods his or her company uses to communicate with customers, and email is likely to be at or near the top of the list.

But what happens as your business grows?


The 2016 Northwest Nonprofit Capacity Report

A consortium of five northwest state nonprofit associations has released a comprehensive study on the capacity, strengths, and challenges of the region's nonprofit sector.

The 2016 Northwest Nonprofit Capacity Report: Our Strengths - Our Challenges - Our Resilience was developed using survey data from over 1,000 nonprofits.

The study specifically focuses on four core areas for building capacity: mission effectiveness, collaboration, public policy, and use of data and evaluation. Download the Report Today


Download the FEMA App for Your Mobile Device

A meterologist won't fit in your pocket, but fortunately the FEMA App will. The FEMA App has many helpful features to help you and your family stay on top of weather in your area and help plan for emergencies. With it, you can:

  • Receive severe weather alerts

  • Upload & share photos of damage and recovery efforts

  • Locate & receive directions to open shelters & disaster recovery centers

  • Apply for assistance

  • Save a custom list of your family’s emergency kit & meeting spot

  • Receive safety & preparedness reminders

  • Learn how to stay safe before, during, & after over 20 types of hazards

  • Easily toggle between English & Spanish for all features of the app

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