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What makes a good mentor -- and am I qualified?

Today more than ever individuals in all stages of their careers are looking for experienced and knowledgeable women and men that have navigated their own career path and are willing to share their time and experience. They value learning why you made the decisions you did and your understanding of why it worked or didn’t work.

Colleagues often ask, "Am I qualified to be a mentor?" The following is a short list of traits that make a good mentor:

  1. Desires to help others succeed

  2. Leads by example

  3. Willing to share experience and wisdom

  4. Has integrity

  5. Listens

  6. Has a good reputation for developing others

  7. Provides guidance and constructive feedback

  8. Values the opinions and initiative of others

  9. Is a life-long learner

  10. Is respected by colleagues in the professional community

  11. Communicates hope and optimism

  12. Motivates others by setting a good example

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