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Dunn Earns Hogan Assessment Certification

Debra Dunn, President of Synergy Resources Group has a new certification to add to her skills/qualification tool box. She recently completed the comprehensive Hogan Assessment certification course and has started introducing the new tool to her clients. Dunn has been certified in Myers Briggs for over 20 years and uses the 360 Interview tool. Both are effective tools when working with executives to supervisors to business owners in the workplace. Hogan Assessments are designed to delve deeper to address your unique organization challenges. They can be used for from pre-hire selection to executive level development and used at any level of the organization. With the Hogan Assessment offering, Dunn has enhanced her executive development and coaching services by including the ability to evaluate an individual’s career de-railers and an organization’s next generation of top talent.

Explore some of the Hogan Assessment introductory documents:

hogan assessments in portland

Interested in the Hogan Assessment for your team? Get in touch >> Interested in learning more? Contact Debra at 503-780-4039

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