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It's Almost 2017 -- Have You Worked on Your Annual Goals?

We’ve just finished the first in a string of holidays, which will all lead us straight to January 2017! But before we get there, I hope you're working with your executive team to establish your annual goals for the coming year.

Annually, I work with my clients to review their strategic business planning objectives to determine what worked well, and what didn’t. We also establish new goals are for the upcoming year, determine what needs to change in their organization, along with an action plan to achieve success.

The following are a few questions for you to use to get started planning your way to a successful new year:

1. Write your successes down. Can you identify any patterns that led to these successes?

2. What is most important to do differently next year?

3. How well did the organization perform compared to the last two years? Did the organization perform as expected? If not why?

Wishing you good health, happiness and success in the year ahead -- where you can make a difference in someone’s life!

~ Debra

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