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2016 Results Are In!

mount hood

Synergy Resources Group’s 2016 results are in and I’m very excited! We tripled gross revenue and increased profits by 20% over 2015. I attribute our success to our loyal clients that placed their trust in us. Whether we were developing business growth plans, strategizing about new business development opportunities, performing market studies, recruiting businesses for a Commercial Vehicle Study, or performing annual board planning retreats, we have enjoyed working with all of you. Thank you!

Here is the list of the client categories we served in 2016:

  • Variety of service businesses

  • Mid-level retail stores

  • Transportation companies

  • Construction companies

  • Variety of consulting firms

  • Architecture firms

  • Engineering firms

  • Small- to medium-size nonprofit organizations

  • Public Sector entities

Time after time, we learned our clients wanted a third party to help to identify problems and craft solutions, improve efficiencies and effectiveness, create a catalyst for change and/or restructure or revive operations. In each instance, when offered the solution, our clients were ready to take the next step!

Thank you sincerely from Synergy Resources Group.

~ Debra

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