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Women in Business

Women’s History Month which we set aside to honor women’s contributions in American history. This year’s theme is especially exciting for me: “Honoring Trailblazing Women in Labor and Business,” honoring women who have successfully challenged the role of women in both business and the paid labor force. I think we’ll agree that women have been blazing the trail for us for hundreds of years and I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read about this year’s honorees as I’m sure you’ll find their stories as inspiring I did. I also encourage you to recognize some of the women you know that have inspired you, mentored you or succeeded despite the hurdles they faced. The women that come to mind for me are those that succeeded in their businesses despite the 2008 financial downturn; those that took calculated risks that paid off both in personal and financial independence; those who developed professional networks prior to launching their business giving them the kickstart they needed to get through the first in business; and those who invested in technology creating efficiencies that gave their staff time to create and innovate to outpace their competition. Today’s women-owned businesses are playing a significant role in our nation’s growing history. According to SCORE, women of color are leading the way in starting new businesses -- 8 in 10 woman-owned businesses launched since 2007 were started by a woman of color. Overall there are over 11.3 million woman-owned businesses that support 9 million jobs, generating annual revenue of $1.6 trillion. We have a couple of opportunities to support and honor women in the Portland area:

Hope to see you at one of the events! - Debra

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