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Steps to Organizational/Business Planning

Synergy Resources Group has found that only about 10-15% of businesses have an effective planning process, and many don't realize that good planning means good management. Take these four steps to ensure that your business succeeds:

Define Success. Start by defining how you see your business or organization in three to five years. This will translate into an aspirational vision statement followed by an actionable mission statement.

Perform a SWOT Analysis. Work in teams to determine your organization’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which will inform planning. Also, be sure to interview and gather feedback from stakeholders and customers.

Develop Plan. Develop goals and strategies to direct and manage your team towards the vision. Assign responsibilities and measurements to track progress.

Implement Plan. Establish a schedule to review progress. Tracking and analyzing progress will help you manage your team. You’ll be able to recognize and highlight what’s working for them and your organization.

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