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Why Do Employers Use Personality Tests?

When employers can better understand their employees’ individual traits and strengths their organization can thrive. Personality tests are an effective tool and are used by many different industries and organizations.

As an executive or manager personality tests can help you better understand your leadership style and the type of environment you create for your employees. Personality tests for your employees can help you become more effective at managing your team by knowing what each of your employees needs to thrive in the workplace. When used effectively, these tests can increase productivity, teamwork and communication, leading to a happier and more profitable business.

For instance, someone who loves details and accuracy might be the best researcher for a project, while someone who loves to collaborate with others could make a great project lead. These tests also reveal who on your team might work well together and who would do best working alone. Letting each employee work in the way that suits them can improve the quality and quantity of their work.

Debra Dunn is Hogan Assessment Certified. This personality test is comprehensive and can be used to evaluate job candidates as well as assess current employees, so you can support their individual strengths and create effective teams.

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