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The High-Performance Workforce for Your Business

What segment of the workforce is growing the fastest? If you guessed millennials, then you’re correct! They currently make up one third of the US workforce and are the largest generation currently working. They are overshadowing Gen Xers and Baby Boomers -- therefore, businesses are listening to their needs. My clients regularly express their feelings about how ‘this new generation works,’ meaning their millennial staff. They're often disparaged as 'disloyal,' 'high maintenance' and 'entitled.' Fortunately, I’ve had extensive training in how to engage the millennial workforce, giving me the opportunity to share what millennials actually want: to be recognized for their contributions, to work with supervisors who treat them fairly, to collaborate and connect with their colleagues, and to feel good about what they do and its impact on the world.

Millennials are a high-performing workforce -- if you know how to engage them.

Think about it: they are technologically savvy, confident and adapt well to change. Given the right employer/workplace, support and autonomy – imagine the possibilities for your startup, growing business or major corporation by investing in the millenial workforce.

Organizations that understand the characteristics and needs of this amazing generation are giving them roles where they can make difference. Flexible scheduling and telecommuting options are important as well as the opportunity to be involved in strategic planning, innovation, recruiting and choosing projects and learning opportunities.

My advice is to understand the characteristics of the millennial generation, and you can start by reading Deloitte’s Millennial Survey 2017 and then act. The steps you take to assess your companies needs and the new initiatives you select will be different for every organization.

In focusing on this generation, you will be creating a better place to work for everyone.

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